Employees Quit Managers, Not Companies — How Google Proved It with Data

Dwight Mihalicz,

Most of our information on manager effectiveness comes from surveys and monitoring workplace metrics. However, it is a problematic category of data to evaluate and analyze, because while good management practices exist, a lot will depend on what the employees perceive as beneficial.

But can a manager’s effectiveness at his job significantly affect whether an employee will stay with the company or quit? To answer this, we can take a look at Google’s Project Oxygen, which set out to prove that managers weren’t necessary, especially for a company with a flat organization. However, they managed to show the opposite.

How to Communicate Effectively with Your Clients

Emma Worden,

Successful communication is key to any healthy relationship, and your business clients are no exception. Establishing boundaries and clarifying expectations as soon as you start your business journey can help you avoid conflict and misunderstandings, and ultimately boost your retention rate simply thanks to your transparent approach.

However, even the best in the business can come across a more demanding client, an unexpected complaint, or merely a misunderstanding. In any case, you need to be able to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently without wasting your assets – and this is where your communication skills come to shine. Let’s see how you can set the stage for clear communication without your key messages getting lost in translation.

Why You Should Insist on a CMC Certification When You Hire a Management Consultant

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When hiring a consultant, it’s important to do your research to find the best possible fit for your organization. Management consultants are not a rare sight nowadays, so it can be challenging to make a choice. To ensure that you’re hiring a person who is a professional that abides by a code of conduct, insist on one who has a CMC certification.

CMC is an international professional certification for consulting professionals, and it stands for Certified Management Consultant. Here are a few reasons why you should insist on a CMC designation when you hire a management consultant:

The 5 Things Bad Bosses Fail to Do

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The sad fact about the working world today is that most of us have encountered a terrible boss at some point in our careers. Sometimes it’s difficult for subordinates to pinpoint what it is that makes the leaders awful, but they are always aware when their job unhappiness is caused by their superior.

A possible solution to this problem is self-awareness. For a lousy boss to become better, they need to know how good bosses work. Once they become aware of how they’re letting their subordinates down, they can work on improving their managerial abilities. Let’s have a look at the five things bad bosses fail to do:

4 Reasons Why a Leadership Program Is a Must for Aspiring and Current CEOs

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There’s no successful organization without competent leadership. The weight on every CEO’s shoulders is considerable, and the pressure can mount high. When the future of an entire organization depends on your leadership skills, you need to be capable of answering the challenge.

However, it can be easy to forget that CEOs need proper support in doing their job. Since the CEO’s role is critical for organizational performance, providing that support is important. Since they sometimes have to make split-second decisions, it’s vital for CEOs to be confident in their leadership skills — and to hone them. Let’s have a look at four reasons why a leadership program is a must for aspiring and current CEOs:

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