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Our Founder Dwight Mihalicz

Dwight Mihalicz helps organizations perform at their best.

He focuses on manager effectiveness… ensuring that all managers, from the CEO to the front line, are focused on their key strategic priorities and have the accountability and authority required for success.

Complex times call for serious solutions. Dwight’s breadth and depth of experience, knowledge, and organizational know-how are integral in making those solutions work for your organization.

Dwight has founded and is President of Effective ManagersTM , a management consulting firm based in Canada that provides services globally through a network of consulting firms. In 2013 Effective ManagersTM partnered with the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa to conduct groundbreaking research on understanding the dynamics of manager effectiveness in the workplace. This led to the development of a survey to assess manager effectiveness, and The Effective Point of Accountability® framework. These have been used successfully by organizations to improve accountability for the delegation of work and collaboration across functions. This breaks down silos and aligns the effort of the work force to focus on strategic goals.

There is a theme of humanism throughout Dwight’s work; in addition to philanthropic work with various organizations, he devoted many years of his career to the Red Cross, fulfilling a variety of roles and helping the society thrive with streamlined processes, reduced infrastructure, increased productivity, and enhanced services in Canada and around the world.

Using his experience as a manager, executive, head of organizations, and management consultant, Dwight helps Owners, CEOs and their executives maintain the balancing act required to maximize their organizations’ performance. He is able to translate complex concepts into simpler yet robust approaches that can be applied immediately.

Dwight has an MBA from the University of Ottawa, where he also served as the Director of the Dean’s Advisory Board at the Telfer School of Management. He is a Certified Management Consultant. He is an accredited ISO 20700 Instructor, and trains consultants on this management consulting services standard. Dwight has been recognized as a Fellow of the Business Excellence Institute. He has also been elected a Fellow of Institute of Management Consultants of Ontario, Canada, in recognition of his outstanding contributions to his profession, his clients and to the community.

Dwight has also contributed globally to the profession of management consulting. He volunteered for international task forces of the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes, the global membership body for Institutes of Management Consulting. His efforts were recognized when he was elected to be Treasurer of the Global Board. In 2018 he was elected for a three year term as the Chair of ICMCI, and now serves on the Board as Past Chair.

An author of many papers and publications, Dwight has recently published The Effective CEO: The Balancing Act that Drives Sustainable Performance, a book that explores the key functions that must be carried out by a successful CEO.

Solve a Problem

Do you have a difficult organization performance issue? Are you thinking a consultant may be able to help but you aren’t sure? That’s a normal feeling. You are good at what you do – that’s why you have been appointed to your position. But for some reason you have a major issue that keeps popping up.

To help you over that hurdle, Dwight is offering a FREE one-hour consultation to qualified executives.

What Dwight’s Colleagues have to say about him.

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As president of UNICEF Canada I had the pleasure of working with Dwight when he was a member of, and then the chair of, the Board of Directors. It was an exciting time of growth and opportunity, and he brought tremendous international experience to the table. But what I valued more was his thoughtful, supportive and solutions-oriented leadership.David Agnew
President, Seneca College of Applied Arts and Technology

As Chair of CMC-GI, Dwight was a great leader who empowered his team members, and truly practiced what he preaches in effective management. In no time at all, CMC-GI became a strong organization with a clear strategy and future roadmap.
As Past Chair, he continues to lead and mentor wisely and effectively while also ensuring effective succession and longevity for the organization.
Dwight is a true leader who inspires everyone to give and contribute.
Tamara Abdel-Jaber
Co-Founder and Executive Board Member, Palma Consulting
Chair, CMC Global Institute; Jordan

Dwight is one of the most remarkable men I’ve met in my international adventures (as Chairman of the Dutch Institute for Management Consultants (Ooa)). He is a real ‘global leader’, and as a Director/Treasurer in the Board of our World organization of IMC’s (ICMCI) a great perfomer. He led us through a difficult period, and created a strong, solid (financial) base for our future operations. Integrity, honesty and wisdom describe his leadership talent. Dwight is open minded, attentive, straightforward, creative, a great listener, has an eye for strategic details and, last but not least, is fun to be with.Jan Willem Kradolfer
Directeur, WagenaarHoes, Netherlands

Our relationship with Dwight goes back many years. As an alumni, member of the advisory board and supporter of our student experience, we have always been able to count on Dwight. He offers a rare combination of experience, insight and compassion that is always helpful.Alain Doucet, B.Com, MBA
Assistant Dean external relations, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa
I’ve been involved in CMC-Global since joining my local IMC in Australia in 1999. During this time I’ve seen CMC-Global go through many changes but none as significant and important as those we have gone through during Dwight’s term as Treasurer. Through his efforts, we now have monthly financial reporting, accurate debtors and creditors and an open and transparent means of regularly reporting to all members. The diligence that Dwight shows in his responsibility is only matched by the detail and consultation that goes into each annual budget and accompanying documents. Having served on the Board since 2009, I can honestly say that this is the best our accounts have been managed and reported.Timothy Millar, CMC
CEO, CashFlow Manager, Australia; Past Chair, CMC-Global

Dwight Mihalicz MBA, CMC
Complex times call for serious solutions. Dwight’s breadth and depth of experience, knowledge, and organizational know-how are integral in making our solutions work for your organization.

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