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The Resilient Organization Program

Disruption is here. Are you ready for the bounce back?

If you are the head of your organization, this program is for you!

None of us could have predicted COVID-19. Or its impact. Whether you are cutting back, coasting or scaling, disruption is here now.

Any issues that sidetrack and distract you may be tolerable in normal times. We all have the irritants that distract us and hinder top performance. These are not normal times. Anything that gets in the way of being laser-focused on your value-added work is no longer acceptable.

Those ongoing inefficiencies and irritants may not have been deal-breakers then. These are different times. Anything that gets in the way of top performance must be addressed.

Consider an objective assessment from a world-class expert that can help you streamline your organization, get everyone focused on the right work, and free you to focus on yours.

How do you identify these issues at the root cause level?
How do you find the tools you can use to make these irritants go away?

Typically, an assessment can be intrusive. It can create angst amongst employees as they imply: “a consultant is coming in to find problems and assign blame”. Especially in times like these you cannot afford to disrupt the organization further.

Now you have access to a completely virtual assessment program. With a combination of virtual interviews of you and your executive team, a document review, and as short survey, the assessment is not intrusive. And yet you can have a snapshot of your organization’s key issues.

After working with many clients, across all sectors, around the world, we have come up with a better method. It gives you access to Dwight’s experience and insights without disrupting your organization. It helps you identify the key root cause issues that can be resolved and the tools to do so.

When it comes to implementation, you and your team can do the lion’s share of the change yourselves. Not by working more. Not by hiring an expensive external consulting team. But by simply working differently. We can show you how.

What are your irritants?

Irritants fall into one or more of these buckets:

  • The big mistake that shouldn’t have happened – someone missed doing something that should have been obvious. Or they did something obviously wrong. How could they not have been on the right page?
  • Silos. People aren’t collaborating as well as they should. As a result, you see duplicate work, missed work, and too many meetings trying to figure it all out.
  • Your immediate team members spend too much time in the weeds, doing work that should be delegated. And this drags you down, keeping you away from your value-added work.
  • Too often, when your stars are promoted to the next level, they are not successful in the new role.

If one or more of these sound familiar, it is because they are the result of systemic, root-cause issues that are not easily identified. Until you know what they are and have the tools to deal with them.

We can help you using virtual technology.

There isn’t even a need for a consultant to walk into your office.

Dwight will personally interview you and each of your direct report team members for up to one hour. This is done on-line, following a series of questions that have been developed to help identify root cause issues.

In a recommended but optional survey, Effective Managers™ can gather insightful information. In less than ten minutes all employees answer questions about their engagement levels, and about how well your managers are managing. In additional questions for managers only we can assess the effectiveness of your managers and the effectiveness of your support systems.

The results are analyzed, and Dwight will discuss them with you in a one-on-one session. You will gain insights into the key hot-spots and be introduced to the tools that can help you improve effectiveness.

The next step is a facilitated meeting with you and your team. You and Dwight will share the insights, and Dwight will facilitate a session to resolve your top hot-spot issue by working differently. You will conclude this meeting developing a road map on how to work differently throughout the organization.

That’s it. Many organizations choose to implement changes on their own, or with some coaching from Dwight. Or, if you choose, a full suite of implementation materials with custom-designed levels of support from Dwight are available.

Here are the symptoms of the root cause issues that are hampering you in being as successful as possible.

  • Too many meetings
  • Duplicated work
  • Poor communication
  • Poor collaboration
  • Silos in the organization
  • Decisions not made
  • Work not done
  • Lost opportunities
  • Conflict

Too often, committed leaders tackle these symptoms head on: courses on running better meetings, team building sessions, training in improved communications, and so on. But the symptoms return because the root cause has not been identified and tackled. By investing in this program, you can get a tremendous ROI with your team, and your employees collaborating and focusing on the right work.

Not sure? Book a 45 minute session with Dwight at an introductory rate to gain insight into your main irritant.

Prefer on-site work? Ask Dwight for a quote for this work including travel expenses.