The Most Important Thing Successful Managers Accomplish

Dwight Mihalicz,

Managerial success is undoubtedly a category affected by multiple metrics. It also takes more than one or two skills to be successful as a manager. Excellent leadership capabilities, coaching and communication, are only a few of the skills that a good manager must use daily.

However, the most important thing determining whether a manager is successful or not is the level of performance of their team. Even though having a good manager can help a team perform better by itself, it might take more than that to create a high-performing group. Let’s have a closer look at the most critical things successful managers accomplish, and how they do it:

What Makes a Team Effective at Google?

Dwight Mihalicz,

Many studies have been done about the effectiveness of teams and how to heighten it. Even big companies like Google make a lot of effort to continuously analyze and improve their internal processes. One of their research activities – identified and highlighted – the five traits that are important to team effectiveness. Let’s discuss these traits in more detail and have a closer look at how managers can affect and nurture them:

Accountability in Organizations – The Missing Piece

Dwight Mihalicz,

We all have obligations at work. These obligations come at us from many directions… our peers, our clients, our subordinates, and yes even our bosses! The progression of steps an individual goes through when receiving and performing assignments varies.

Whether we are the head of the organization, an executive, a manager, or a consultant providing support, we have obligations… those deliverables for which we can be called to account.

This is all thought to have something to do with accountability.

Walking on Uneven Ground

Dwight Mihalicz,

My sister spoke the words with such passion and conviction that I stopped short.

“Every day you must walk on uneven ground”.

It was one of our last visits together as she was suffering from terminal cancer. Despite this, we were having a wonderful walk in southern Saskatchewan, enjoying the semi-arid landscape filled with so much life.

I told her how at peace I was feeling, to be in nature and to feel it all around me.

Is Investing in Managers the Key to Better Employee Performance?

Dwight Mihalicz,

Nowadays we’re seeing organizations increasing their efforts to improve their management, influenced by research that claims managerial competence is hugely significant. We have seen government reform plans to become more efficient, accountable and practical — the goal which is taking the business world by storm as well. Even Gallup has changed their focus to managers, coining in the phrase: the Manager experience.

Where these plans sometimes fail is the lack of real understanding of the issue. By now, everyone knows managers are essential. But what makes the relationship between a manager and an employee so crucial in improving employee performance? That’s a question that’s often ignored or pushed to the sidelines in organizations that fail to place the proper focus on enhancing their managerial practices.

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