New or Fast Growing? Accountability Matters

Dwight Mihalicz,

Newly established organizations meet many challenges before they can become fast-growing. Even when they do, there’s a whole new batch of growth-specific obstacles to overcome. When it comes to managing organizations, one of the key points to work on is undoubtedly accountability.

Whether a company is just starting or growing, it can benefit from Effective Managers methodology Effective Point of Accountability®. It addresses some of the specific challenges an organization may face on its way to success. This methodology also offers a distinct approach the delegation of work is to the right people in the organization.

Kill the Snake! Accountability in Action

Dwight Mihalicz,

The American business magnate and former politician Ross Perot had interesting things to say about General Motors when he sold his company EDS to them in 1984 for $2.5 billion.

The former presidential candidate did not like how the company was being run. His quote about their ways is now famous, and well-illustrative of how not to run a business.

How to Keep Organizational Culture Intact

Dwight Mihalicz,

All organizations start with the enthusiasm, vision, and values of their founder. And as more people are hired, they begin to adopt these same beliefs. In start-up mode the owner is an active leader, is highly visible and can personally influence employees to share the company’s.

As time goes on and the organization grows, it becomes necessary to hire people who are more specialized. This leads to grouping employees into functions, and hiring managers to manage the people in these functions. As the organization continues to grow, more and more people are hired, and additional layers of managers are engaged.

3 Steps to Achieve Personal Success

Dwight Mihalicz,

At the heart of all managers is a desire to be successful. However, success means different things to different people. To one manager, success may be a six-figure salary. To another, money has very little meaning, and success involves gaining the respect of colleagues and recognition as an active leader. To someone else, success is achieving the ever-elusive work-life balance.

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