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Organization Design

Organization Design is the process of aligning an organization’s vision and strategy with its structure, talent, accountabilities, authorities, rewards and processes. When any one of these elements is out of line a company is not able to achieve optimal results.

With a proven, research-based approach, Dwight offers organization design services using non-intrusive, cost-effective methods. This approach results in better employee satisfaction, client satisfaction and financial performance for organizations of all sizes.

An organization design assessment and subsequent implementation can significantly enhance organization performance. Organization design is, unfortunately, often an organic – not strategic – process that responds to gradual growth as a business matures. Small to Medium size organizations can benefit from understanding the principles of organization design to improve performance. Scaling organizations can use organization design strategically to ensure the effective alignment of positions can be achieved over time. Larger organizations can imp[rove performance and save costs by properly aligning roles. Whatever your situations, Dwight would be pleased to discuss how you can use organization design in your situation.

The articles below will give you some insight into Dwight’s approach. Each assessment is customized, so you can be sure you can obtain the service that is just right for you and your organization.

Organization Design Articles

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