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Virtual Workshops

Do you need someone to focus your audience on organization performance? Dwight provides a custom speaking experience to help audience members understand what is holding them and their teams back from being as successful as they can be.

Designed for owners, executives and middle managers, Dwight focuses root cause issues that get in the way of teams performing at their best. He does not focus on the superficial – those things that get you motivated but to uncertain returns. Rather, he explains those complex, systemic hurdles that most organizations face in easy-to-understand terms.

Dwight has spoken at conferences and events around the world. Whether it is to a handful of people or a conference center with hundreds, Dwight can create a focus on how owners, executives and managers can build team performance. The key principles of management and collaboration in organizations has never been easier to understand.

All of these programs can be designed to meet your needs and delivered in a virtual setting that suits your timetable.


Here are some sample topics to chose from. Or contact Dwight to create a custom presentation. These topics can be adapted for a one-hour keynote, or for workshops from 1/2 day to 2 days depending on your needs and the depth to which you wish to explore these issues.

Why Productivity Initiatives Fail

Productivity starts at the front line. An organization’s processes need to work seamlessly. But implementing the new systems to improve processes seldom goes smoothly. In fact, most major projects fail to deliver – 70% or more according to multiple research studies.

What happens when productivity initiatives go off track? Most organizations go for the seemingly apparent solutions – leadership training, improved communication, team building. But these initiatives do not have a long term impact because they are only treating the symptoms of fundamental problems in organizations.

This session will outline the critical role of middle management in the successful implementation of new initiatives, and how organizations can identify and overcome the root causes that can lead to failure. The approach is based on new research carried out with the University of Ottawa’s Telfer School of Management. These ground-breaking insights into accountability in the workplace will outline a new way of improving organizational performance.

Participants will learn how the role of the CEO and executives are crucial in ensuring the successful implementation of systems. High performing organizations have such systems in place to ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned and focused on their key deliverables.

Accountable Change for Improved Performance

Yes, you are successful. But there are irritants.

Projects are late, over budget, and don’t meet all expected deliverables. Strategic initiatives aren’t getting traction. Process handovers sometimes fail, hurting customer relations. Decisions aren’t being implemented in a timely way. Important tasks are left undone.

You are not alone. The good news is that successful companies do suffer from these issues. Imagine if you could overcome these problems. How much more successful could you be?

You will be introduced to the concepts of successful change management. Creating a culture of accountability takes effort and perseverance. Learn why accountability is at the heart of accountable change and how it can apply in your situation.

Why Promotions Fail – and What You Can do About It

Why do some managers do so well in role while others simply can’t get the job done?

In organizations there is a strong tendency to over-promote. When it comes time to fill a managerial vacancy, many organizations make the mistake of promoting the top performer on the team without considering whether they have the appropriate abilities to be a manager. Just because an employee excels at their current job, doesn’t mean that they will excel as a manager. This is so common there is even a name for it: the Peter Principle.

The Peter Principle refers to an employee being promoted for their performance in their current role, rather than the capabilities required for the promotion. According to the Peter Principle, people tend to be promoted until they rise to “their level of incompetence.”

Find out what this is, why this happens, and how you can avoid it happening to you.

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Accountable Change

Accountable Change for Improved Performance

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Culture of Accountbaility

Workshop: Culture of Accountability

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