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Virtual Facilitation

Dwight will work with you to design and facilitate a customized virtual session or  series of sessions to help you solve a nagging problem that won’t go away. By the end of the session you will have a solution and a plan for applying it.

In the ‘problem that will not go away’ scenario, you may be attacking the symptoms of a root cause issue. Those root causes are systemic. If not understood and tackled with a proper change program, they will reoccur.


Example 1. You feel like you are being dragged into the weeds. You end up doing more trouble shooting and work at the level below you than you should. As a result, you can’t focus on your own value-added work. How can you raise the level of work for your team members and for yourself?

Example 2. Projects are late, cost more than they should, and do not deliver results. How can you effectively set up projects that will deliver?

Example 3. People are not collaborating. Silos are starting to form or are already there. How can you get people to collaborate in an effective way?

Example 4. Some people are just great in their roles. But others, recently promoted, just don’t seem to get it. They are not doing their new job and seem to be stuck at the level below. How can you improve success at promotions?

Example 5. You make decisions with your team members. Everyone walks away in agreement, but somehow the implementation gets derailed. Progress isn’t made in some areas, or it is implemented poorly. How do you get your decisions implemented consistently down to customer-facing roles?

These problems are not uncommon in organizations. They all have root cause issues in what Effective ManagersTM. If you feel this way, there may be a problem of capability at the level below you. But more likely, you are not spending enough time on delegating value-added work to your team members. And holding them accountable for doing it. This process of goal setting starts with the owner.

Book a 45 minute Consult

Book a 45 minute confidential call with Dwight to start the process. Special US$ 99 introductory offer.

Email Dwight

Email Dwight with your requirements and he will get back to you within 24 hours with suggested topics.

The 45 minute consult will help you identify your root cause problem and decide whether a facilitation would provide further support in implementing a solution.

If you prefer, email Dwight and he will set up a confidential, no-obligation discussion with you about how a facilitated session can help you solve root cause issues.

Facilitation sessions can be a one-on-one session, a session with you and your team, or any combination that works for you. The solution is custom-designed to suit your needs.


He understands the issues faced by owners…

Dwight has been a manager, an executive, head of organizations, and an owner. He understand the issues faced by owners in getting the most out of their teams. And ensuring that their organizations are as successful as possible. Dwight has created easy-to-understand, research-based approaches that he can pass on to you.