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TEC Canada: Empowering CEOs, Founders and Owners

As a CEO, you face complex challenges and opportunities every day. You need a trusted network of peers who can provide you with honest feedback, diverse perspectives, and valuable insights. You also need a personal coach who can help you grow as a leader and achieve your goals. That’s why TEC Canada is the best choice for you.

TEC Canada is the country’s most comprehensive executive and leadership development program1. For over 35 years, we have helped over 25,000 Canadian executives and owners become better leaders through our proven process of peer advisory groups, one-to-one coaching, expert speakers, fast-paced learning, and global network. Our members report higher growth, increased productivity, improved team alignment, and greater confidence in their decisions.

As the leader of TEC 465, I am deeply passionate about the transformative power of peer collaboration. I firmly believe in the potential of collective wisdom to navigate the complex challenges of leadership. I am thrilled to be building this group in Ottawa, fostering a safe and stimulating environment where we can learn, grow, and innovate together.”

Dwight Mihalicz
Ottawa, ON


Benefits of joining us

Power Of Peer Groups

Monthly confidential group meetings with business leaders from non-competing industries provide a safe and stimulating environment to fast-track personal and professional growth.

Your Own Personal Coach

Dwight will provide one-to-one coaching that accelerates your ability to grow strategically and overcome hurdles faster.

Inspiring Speakers

TEC’s exclusive access to expert speakers infuse group meetings with the most current thought leadership. Get MBA-calibre knowledge that’s actionable now.

A World Of Expertise

Our global membership expands your network to over 25,000 members worldwide. Connect with local, national and international leaders who have overcome challenges similar to yours.

Here is What Members Say about TEC

Unleashing potential, driving growth, and forging impactful connections.

Becoming a TEC member can be transformational – but don’t just take our word for it.

TEC Canada’s proven program of peer advisory groups, one-to-one executive coaching, expert speakers, fast-paced learning, and global network all provide a lasting impact. Not just on your business, but on your life. Your ability to deal with fast-paced change will accelerate. Your decision-making will become more decisive. You’ll be a better leader. Take the next step and fill out the short form to learn more.

Discover the TEC Member Experience 


TEC Canada members – which includes Doug Little, Managing Principal at RJC Engineers – are as diverse as the wide range of businesses they run. They are enthusiastic entrepreneurs and business leaders, passionate about making a difference at work and in the world around them. Curious to explore who could be sitting at your table as a TEC member? Take the next step and fill out the short form."

Doug Little

Managing Principal , RJC Engineers


hear Ashley speak about her TEC Canada member experience – which includes one-on-one executive coaching sessions with her TEC Chair and Certified Executive Coach, Razina Visram."

Ashley Wolfe

President , Wolfe Automotive Group

Meet the TEC 465 members

Benoit Poliquin


Exponent Investment Management Inc.

Kevin Lim

Chief Executive Officer,

Lim Geomatics Inc.

Bruce Alexander


Raymond EMC Enclosures Ltd.

Tzoofit Hammer


4té Inc.

Oren Nutik


MDS Power Inc.

Frank Dres


Fiberlinks, Inc.

Joe Corke


Aries Contracting (Ottawa), Inc.

Do you think you can benefit from the benefits of TEC 465?

TEC 465 has some by-invitation openings. If you think you can benefit from the transformative power of peer collaboration, personal coaching, and leadership development, please reach out to Dwight.

Click below to submit your contact information to Dwight Mihalicz, Chair, TEC 465.