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About Effective Managers

Our Mission Statement:

Effective Managers™ helps create and sustain high performance organizations anywhere in the world.

We work with heads of organizations and senior executives to help ensure managers are aligned, and working together to implement the organization’s strategy.

We work with people that are successful, but want to do better. You have already implemented the leading edge practices, and yet something is missing. Things still fall through the cracks. Teams tend to work in silos and be protective of “their” territory. Some decisions are taken that are simply wrong – even though they were well-meaning. You have a great strategy, but execution is stalling.

So what’s next?

If this is you, Effective Managers™ can help!

We have developed a methodology that focuses specifically on helping organizations improve managerial performance.

A person’s manager is that person’s most important link to the organization. The manager controls their resources, provides them with feedback, and helps smooth the way to success. But managers are spending only about half their time on value-added work. This means their critically important managerial leadership work is not getting done. If managers are not doing their managerial work, organizations cannot be top performing.

The Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, and Effective Managers™ partnered to undertake ground breaking research investigating managerial effectiveness in the workplace. Check out our research page for an overview of the groundbreaking results:

  • Managers are spending almost half their time on non-value-added work.
  • Accountability is critical to organization effectiveness, but managers are not clear about their accountability.
  • The research gives us insights that are truly eye-opening.

You can now assess manager effectiveness in your organization, and receive a comprehensive, customized report. The assessment is completely confidential, and provides you with amazing insights into your managerial capability. Read more about our assessment program here.

Once you understand where you need to focus in improving manager effectiveness, we have the proprietary approach to help you get there. The Effective Point of Accountability®. We live and breath accountability systems, and have developed this straight forward approach that can help you implement an accountability and authority framework in your organization. Learn more about our implementation support options here.

Contact Dwight for a confidential discussion about how you can improve your team’s and your organization’s performance:
Dwight W. Mihalicz, MBA CMC | President, Effective Managers™
Email: dwight@effectivemanagers.com | Direct: +1 647 283 1096