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In the fast-moving world of management consulting, delivering exceptional service is the cornerstone of success. This is where the ISO 20700 standard comes into play, serving as a beacon for excellence. These guidelines are more than just a set the foundation for the delivery of management consulting services. They are a transformative tool that can significantly enhance the quality of consultancy services. In this blog, we will explore the practical applications of ISO 20700 in consultancy projects and how they lead to better project outcomes and heightened client satisfaction.

Setting a Global Standard

The ISO 20700 guidelines establish a global standard for management consultancy services. By adhering to these guidelines, consultants ensure they are contracting, delivering and closing projects in accordance with the international standards of the profession of management consulting. This global benchmark is particularly crucial in an increasingly interconnected world where clients expect consistency and excellence regardless of geographical boundaries.

Structuring the Consulting Process

ISO 20700 provides a structured approach to management consulting. It outlines the phases of a consulting project from contracting to closure, ensuring that each stage is approached systematically and thoughtfully. This structured process aids consultants in managing projects more efficiently and effectively, leading to more predictable and successful outcomes.

Enhancing Transparency and Communication

One of the key aspects of ISO 20700 is its emphasis on transparency and clear communication. The guidelines encourage consultants to establish clear lines of communication with clients, ensuring that expectations and objectives are aligned from the outset. This clarity helps in avoiding misunderstandings and sets the stage for a successful client-consultant relationship.

Fostering Ethical Practices

The ISO 20700 guidelines underscore the importance of ethical practices in consultancy. Adhering to these guidelines means consultants are committed to operating with integrity and professionalism. This ethical approach not only enhances the reputation of the consultant but also builds trust with clients, which is crucial for long-term success.

Customizing Solutions to Client Needs

A significant advantage of the ISO 20700 guidelines is their flexibility to be tailored to specific client needs. Consultants can adapt the standard to suit the unique challenges and requirements of each project, ensuring that the solutions provided are both effective and client-centric.

Improving Client Satisfaction

The ultimate goal of any consulting project is client satisfaction, and ISO 20700 is instrumental in achieving this. By following these guidelines, consultants can deliver services that are not just high in quality but also aligned with the client’s expectations and needs. This alignment leads to higher client satisfaction and, in turn, repeat business and referrals.

Encouraging Continuous Improvement

ISO 20700 is not just about adhering to a set of standards; it’s about continuous improvement. The guidelines encourage consultants to regularly review and enhance their methodologies and services. This commitment to continual learning and development ensures that consultants remain at the forefront of industry practices, offering their clients the most current and effective solutions.

The ICMC ISO 20700 Checklist 

The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) has developed a comprehensive Self-Declaration Checklist to facilitate the effective application of the ISO 20700 standard for management consultancy services. This checklist serves as a practical tool, ensuring that management consultants and their clients can maintain transparency and align on project deliverables and accountabilities throughout the consultancy process, from contracting through delivery to closure.

To complement the checklist, ICMCI offers specialized training programs delivered by accredited trainers. These programs are designed to provide consultants with hands-on experience and a thorough understanding of the ISO 20700 guidelines, empowering them to deliver high-impact consulting projects that fully adhere to the standard. 

To learn more about ICMCI’s ISO 20700 Checklist Training, click here.


The ISO 20700 guidelines are a powerful tool for enhancing consultancy services. They provide a framework for delivering high-quality, ethical, and client-centric services. By adopting these guidelines, management consultants can improve their service delivery, achieve better project outcomes, and enhance client satisfaction. In a competitive industry where excellence is the key to standing out, ISO 20700 offers a pathway to achieving and maintaining the highest standards of consultancy services.