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Introducing the Accountable Change Workshop – designed for organizations that seek to be the best.

Are your projects always late and over budget? Does your team struggle to meet all expected deliverables, and are strategic initiatives not getting traction? And when process handovers fail and decisions aren’t implemented in a timely manner, does it hurt customer relations?  

You are not alone. 

What do you and other organizations struggling with these issues have in common? The answer is simple – the absence of accountability. Therefore, to drive successful transformational change, your organization needs to create a culture of accountability. 

The Accountable Organization 

Successful change management leads to accountable change within your organization. Driving an accountable organization requires effort, perseverance, and communicating the vision for the transformed organization throughout the whole organization. Effective managers know that all employees must be as engaged as possible to make this happen. It is essential to have an accountability and authority framework that provides for: 

  • How we manage here
  • How we collaborate here
  • How we manage change here

Helping Organizations Improve the Effectiveness of Managers

To address these issues and improve the team’s performance, managers need to understand the root issues of underperformance. However, it requires more than just identifying the causes and the best practices in change management; it also demands understanding how to implement these strategies effectively.  

Unfortunately, over 60% of all major change programs fail to deliver the intended results. And this is due to the lack of knowledge to carry out the major transformational change. Whether you are a manager, executive, or owner/CEO, you can benefit from understanding the concepts of successful change management. 

Imagine if you could overcome these problems and combat the irritants that get in the way of your success? Our Effective Managers Workshop introduces managers to principles that can be applied at the organization, department, and team levels. We go deep into why projects fail and how to delegate effectively. We’ll talk about how to break down silos and manage change processes. 

Join us as we provide participants with the knowledge to carry out successful organizational change. Let us show you how to use a successful accountability and authority model to improve team performance and some of the best management change practices that have already been implemented with great success. 

Click here to download a one page overview of this workshop.