Effective Managers TM  Partner Consulting Firm Announced

Oliver Matar, Chairperson of APT Facilitators, and Dwight Mihalicz, President of Effective Managers™ sign their partner consulting agreement.

APT Facilitators to provide the Effective ManagersTM Survey in United Arab Emirates.

Ontario, Canada. Dwight Mihalicz, President of Effective ManagersTM announced today the signing of an agreement with APT Facilitators, a management consulting firm providing services in the United Arab Emirates.

APT Facilitators has exclusive rights to offer the Effective ManagersTM Survey to their clients in the United Arab Emirates. Effective ManagersTM recently developed the survey as a result of the research carried with the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa in Canada. The research quantified managerial effectiveness, and identified the root causes that interfere with managers being as effective as possible.

“We found that managers are actually spending only 55% of their time on the value added work,” noted Mr. Mihalicz. This is an astounding result that shows that organizations have an opportunity to significantly improve organizational performance by getting to the root cause of the issues that cause this ineffectiveness.

Oliver Matar, Chairman of APT Facilitators stated his enthusiasm for the survey: “These are issues that we see every day, and that the CEOs of our client organizations struggle with. We are delighted to have access to a tool that we can use with our clients to assess their organizations and help them target in on critical areas for improvement.”

By engaging managers specifically, the survey seeks to inform by targeting specific leadership issues with indicators where problems may exist. For example, if there are concerns with the implementation of strategic initiatives, these problems will be revealed. Results can offer insight prior to a major change initiative in the organization that can help shape a new organizational design, like a merger or acquisition.

The Manager EffectivenessTM Survey is a 94-question confidential survey has been developed to gather data directly from managers, who can log on to a secure web site to provide their direct input on these measures. Traditional employee surveys require all employers to participate. With this survey, a CEO can get the results with an investment of 20 – 30 minutes of each manager’s time.

CEOs will receive a report that details the findings in their organization, grouped together with benchmark results. Each measure is described in detail to ensure an understanding of what the results mean. The report concludes with the high level findings, customized for their organization, together with the areas of greatest strengths and greatest opportunities. If a CEO can understand the relationships between these measures and effectiveness in their organizations, action can be taken that will improve effectiveness.

More information on the survey approach, the researchers, and the findings can be found here.

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