Mihalicz - What Are CEOs Saying

Following are the comments of four of the participants from the research phase of the Effective ManagersTM survey.

We asked them for permission to identify them as participants in the survey, and for a brief comment on their perceptions of the results.

“As President & CEO of The Royal, I was pleased that we were able to participate in the Effective ManagersTM / Telfer School of Business research. In return for an investment of 20 – 30 minutes for each manager to complete the survey form, we received a detailed report that gave us significant insights into our situation. As a follow-up, we had Dwight Mihalicz come in to meet with our executive team, and then again with our senior managers. We received excellent value in terms of insights and strategies for improving manager effectiveness.”

– George Weber, President and CEO
Royal Ottawa Health Care Group (The Royal)

“Effective Managers helped us evaluate our management Team’s performance from a different lens. We now have a better understanding of the issues that impede our individual and organizational effectiveness. Lessons learned from the survey, in particular around accountability have helped us. We have changed the way we communicate with each other and streamlined project management processes. We value Effective Managers’ approach and guidance.”

– Linda Eagen, President and CEO
Ottawa Regional Cancer Foundation

“All of Peak of the Market’s Managers participated in the Effective Managers survey. When we received the very detailed report, I wasn’t surprised by many of the observations about our team. However, several areas were highlighted that we did not realize were as large an issue as there were. The survey report enabled us to zero in on areas of concern and build further on our strengths.”

– Larry McIntosh, President & CEO
Peak of the Market

“The survey results were very helpful. We recognized ourselves and various departments in the feedback from the survey, and gained some insights into underlying drivers. High felt accountability and teamwork are indeed part of our culture, but the survey also prompted us to examine our formal processes and role definitions. Some of our teams have undertaken process mapping and improvement as a result.”

– Dean François Julien
Telfer School of Management

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