185025107Following our research on manager effectiveness, we developed a comprehensive, organization-wide survey as a tool available to all CEOs for assessing the state of management in their organizations. The Effective Managers survey is an easy and convenient way to receive an accurate and timely picture of the state of your organization’s manager effectiveness.

What’s Involved In The Survey

Participating organizations need access to a secure web server that is available only to their managers. Managers log on and take a survey, which takes approximately 20-30 minutes. The survey remains open for 10 days, and within two weeks’ time, a full report is available for the CEO.

Each report includes a detailed discussion of the findings for each dimension identified in the research, including a comparison to benchmarks for those dimensions, as well as identification of key factors that impact overall effectiveness. A comprehensive report summary and high-level review identifies strengths to build on and key areas or opportunities where the organization has the greatest potential for improvement. Reports conclude with a section on overall findings, analysis and recommended next steps.

Why You Need The Survey

By engaging managers specifically, the survey seeks to inform by targeting specific leadership issues with indicators where problems may exist. For example, if there are concerns with the implementation of strategic initiatives, these problems will be revealed. Results can offer insight prior to a major change initiative in the organization that can help shape a new organizational design, like a merger or acquisition, for example.

The survey offers a current snapshot of the state of management in your organization, giving you invaluable knowledge about how to craft change that ensures managers are fully engaged. This information can help improve the Clarity of Delegation factor so that when resources are invested into a change initiative, managers will be appropriately aligned and involved in the implementation of the program.