A Different Approach to Management Hiring and Promotion

Dwight Mihalicz,

What do Wayne Gretzky, Magic Johnson, Kevin McHale, Bryan Trottier, Ted Williams, and Isaiah Thomas have in common? They were all phenomenal athletes with long careers. But, here’s something else they have in common: they were terrible coaches.

On the flip side of that, you have mediocre players (or people who didn’t play at all) who are excellent coaches. How is this? The skills required to excel are completely different. This is a lesson businesses could stand to learn. Being a skilled specialist, or having logged more time in the company than someone else are not the qualities that will necessarily lead to effective managing.

Organization Design vs. Manager Effectiveness

Dwight Mihalicz,

When your organization wants to step things up a notch, it can be difficult to define the type of assistance that would best suit your needs. How do you distinguish if your organization needs an organization design consultant or a management effectiveness consultant? The answer is that while they are closely related; it really comes down to approach.

4 Dimensions for Measuring Manager Effectiveness

Dwight Mihalicz,

Measuring manager effectiveness is like trying to measure how much snow has fallen when the blizzard isn’t over. You can’t see; the wind obscures your readings; there’s a lot more coming down. A manager’s effectiveness can be equally tricky because his/her role is so complex and multifaceted. Sometimes, it is only in hindsight that you can see if a manager has done the job well or not. At the same time, measuring effectiveness is essential because businesses don’t have the luxury of hindsight. They cannot afford to wait until it’s all over to assess performance. So, how do you do measure if you can’t wait until the storm’s over?

What Does an Open Door Policy Mean?

Dwight Mihalicz,

Mark Evans writes in the Globe and Mail, “[B]eing accessible creates a healthy corporate culture that encourages employees to talk about any issue, positive or negative. A welcoming environment not only leads to good ideas, it also identifies problems before they get out of control.” An open door policy sounds like an ideal management tool, and it can benefit everyone in the workplace. But many managers often feel as if their doors are a little too open; how can you reap the benefits without sowing the extra challenge of an open door policy?

Are Your Managers Set-Up for Success?

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When you transition from a professional role into a management role, you are no longer doing the functional work of your job. An excellent computer programmer is not programming anymore, for instance; she is supervising other people who are programming. This is a very difficult transition for many people, and in fact, some don’t make it. They become “super-doers” rather than managers; that is, they are trying to do their managerial duties but continue doing the functional work at which they are adept. It is hard on them, but it is also dysfunctional for the team as a whole.

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