5 Minute Crash Course: The Complexities of Accountability

Dwight Mihalicz,

Most people are familiar with the concept of being accountable for something. We’re accountable to our families, our relationships, and our work. In fact, as children, we learn the importance of being held accountable for our actions and the consequences that exist if we shirk that accountability. But accountability is not without challenges and is often ambiguous, confusing, and a source of conflict in the workplace.

Where Does the Board of Directors Fit In To Managerial Effectiveness?

Dwight Mihalicz,

What role does the Board of Directors play in the effectiveness of the organization? Are they influential? Do they make decisions? In order to understand the impact of the board on managerial effectiveness, you first have to think about accountability and authority in the organization. More specifically, what they are and where they come from. Once you understand how these frameworks are created, it’s easier to recognize the critical impact of the board.

What Every CEO Needs to Know About Accountability

Dwight Mihalicz,

In any organization, who is the single person accountable for the results of that organization? That’s easy. It’s the CEO. The CEO is engaged by the organization’s Board to operate. The Board delegates accountability and authority to the CEO so she/he can engage the resources necessary to accomplish the specified objectives of the Board. Unfortunately, where accountability tends to falter is in the translation from the CEO down through the rest of the organization.

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