Majestic Management Consulting, Inc. to provide Effective Managers™ services and training in Ontario, Canada.

Cambridge, Ontario. Dwight Mihalicz, President of Effective Managers™ announced the signing of an agreement with Michael J Smith, Majestic Management Consulting Inc. to provide services in Ontario, Canada.

“I am delighted to welcome Majestic Management Consulting to our family of Effective Managers™ Partner Firms. Michael’s deep expertise in training support, and in the delivery of worlds call straining will be a huge opportunity to enhance the delivery of organization performance improvements to client organizations. Michael and I met a CMC-Canada event hosted by our Ontario Institute, and immediately identified the opportunity for collaboration.”

Michel described the added value from the collaboration: ” Majestic Management Consulting specializes in facility and project management solutions. We provide consulting services in the development of strategic, operational and tactical planning. Through Effective Effective Managers™, we will have access to world-class assessment and implementation tools that can help heads of organizations ensure that they are as effective as possible and performing at their best. We will also be heavily involved in the enhancement and delivery of the Effective Managers™ training materials.”

Majestic Management Consulting is geared to providing clients support in the realm of facility, property and project management services. Specifically, they provide our clients with simple strategies to achieve successful solutions. Their objective is to provide training, education and consulting services in organizational effectiveness and organizational supports to sustain long-term growth. Added Michael, “Our new partnership with Effective Managers is a testament to our vision. The programs and services provided by Effective Managers are a magnificent addition. We are proud to become a collaborative partner with Effective Managers, and specifically to leverage Dwight’s experience to help our clients.”

The Effective Managers™ methodology includes a proprietary assessment tool and the “rules of the road” for delegating work and collaborating in organizations, The Effective Point of Accountability® framework. All of the Effective Managers™ training and services are now available virtually. The results can provide insights to CEOs and Heads of HR on how to align their managerial work force so that strategy execution can be enhanced. This can be particularly helpful in times of disruption, or when a major change is planned. The key principles of effective operations in organizations can help the owner to ensure that internal resources are not being wasted.

“The timing is great”, added Dwight, “as we have just revamped the assessment program to help potential clients cope with the disruptions of COVID-19. It is a virtual program that can help immediately, partly as a survival strategy, but even more importantly, to be ready for to bounce back when the recovery begins. Organizations must be as resilient as possible, and we can help ensure that the root causes of ineffectiveness can be addressed.”