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Dwight Mihalicz has over 40 years’ experience helping local, national, and international organizations achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and performance.

What Does an Open Door Policy Mean?

Dwight Mihalicz,

Mark Evans writes in the Globe and Mail, “[B]eing accessible creates a healthy corporate culture that encourages employees to talk about any issue, positive or negative. A welcoming environment not only leads to good ideas, it also identifies problems before they get out of control.” An open door policy sounds like an ideal management tool, and it can benefit everyone in the workplace. But many managers often feel as if their doors are a little too open; how can you reap the benefits without sowing the extra challenge of an open door policy?

Are Your Managers Set-Up for Success?

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When you transition from a professional role into a management role, you are no longer doing the functional work of your job. An excellent computer programmer is not programming anymore, for instance; she is supervising other people who are programming. This is a very difficult transition for many people, and in fact, some don’t make it. They become “super-doers” rather than managers; that is, they are trying to do their managerial duties but continue doing the functional work at which they are adept. It is hard on them, but it is also dysfunctional for the team as a whole.

Pros and Cons of Working with a Small Partnership

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It can be very difficult to ask an outside consultant to come into your business; there is the fear that they will turn your business inside out, find fault, assign blame, and leave you in a worse state than you were in before. Good consultants, though, can help you find the fault lines running through your business and show you how to shore up your foundations. Can you put your company in the hands of a small partnership? Will a larger firm be able to meet your needs better? Or will you get more from a small firm than a large one? Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of working with a small partnership.

4 Characteristics of the Most Effective Managers

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450293517From a young age, we’re taught the importance of hard work. If we work hard, we’ll succeed. If we work hard, we’ll be able to achieve our goals. As Thomas Edison said, “There is no substitute for hard work.” Well, turns out that’s not all there is to it. Say you are tasked with digging out sod and creating a 15 foot x 15 foot garden plot. You could spend all day with a shovel, or you could rent a rototiller and get it done in an hour or so.

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