Silver Level

The silver level provides you with everything in the bronze level, in a more customized way to provide you with a deeper level of the findings and how you can improve performance as quickly as possible.

  • Confidential survey of up to 100 managers
  • Who participated report
  • Customized Effectiveness Assessment Report describing each measure and its implications
  • Your organization’s results with comparisons to Benchmark integrated into report
  • Custom analysis by Dwight Mihalicz including recommendations developed specifically for your organization
  • PowerPoint overview of report and benchmark that you can customize for use in your organization
  • Up to three hour web-based analysis support with qualified consultant
  • Suggested implementation approach
US$ 8,900

We will provide you with a unique survey link for your organization. You can distribute the survey link to all participating managers. In the silver level, you have the option to provide us with the email addresses of all participating managers. We will distribute the survey link using our system, which enables us to report who has responded and who has not. You can then follow up with the non-respondents. In either case, we can give you a percent response rate so you can track participation rate and remind participants.

You get the same superb educational material as in the Bronze level, but the report is customized with your results integrated right into the report. This makes it easier for you to understand the implications of some of the findings on your first read through.

Your results will be analyzed by Dwight Mihalicz, and he will add a commentary in each section of the report’s findings. In addition, he will provide an overview analysis with specific recommendations for your organization.

You will also receive a live PowerPoint overview of the report and benchmark that you can modify and use in your change program. This simplifies the development of your program for explaining the findings and the change initiatives you are undertaking.

The report and the PowerPoint presentation can be freely used throughout your organization for training and education purposes.

In addition, you will have access to a qualified consultant for up to three hours of web-based consultation. You can use this time to ask questions about the survey or the results, or to obtain insights on the implementation of your change program. We want to be sure you understand how the results apply in your situation, and to help you identify the root cause of the situation you want to improve. The consultant can also support your improved understanding of the educational components of the report.

We would be pleased to propose how we can support you in implementing changes, but if you decide you have the in-house capacity to implement your change program, the report you receive includes a suggested implementation approach that has been successfully used in organizations to achieve improved and sustainable performance. 


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