Bronze Level

The Bronze Level can help you quickly and easily assess the state of manager effectiveness in your organization.

  • Confidential survey of up to 100 managers
  • Effectiveness Assessment Report describing each measure and its implications
  • Table of the results of your organization with comparisons to Benchmark
  • Free use of the report in your organization
  • Suggested implementation approach

We will provide you with a unique survey link for your organization. You can then distribute the survey link to all participating managers. We will give you a percent response rate so you can track participation rate and remind participants.

When the survey closes, we will analyze your results and compare them to benchmark.

You will receive a pdf copy of the Effectiveness Assessment Report. This report describes the variables that impact on manager effectiveness, and why they contribute to performance in organizations. A strong education component is built into the report.

The report can be freely used throughout your organization for training and education purposes.

A table of the results of your organization with comparisons to Benchmark will be provided. This will enable you to review your current state against the benchmark, and decide which variables need the most attention in your organization.

A generic implementation approach, based on successful organizational implementations will be provided to give you a road map for improving your organization’s performance. While implementation support services are available, the suggested approach has been used by organizations to achieve improved and sustainable performance. 

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