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This is a real quandary. Effective managers know that the most important part of their job is to manage their team members. This includes setting context for their work and delegating clearly their accountabilities. In other words, having personal accountability for their managerial leadership work.

And yet most managers in organizations do not focus enough on their managerial leadership work. They either don’t value doing this work, don’t have the skills, or they have been over-promoted and don’t have the capability to provide value-added leadership to their team.

If you are not delegated the accountability you need for focus and clarity in you work day, you need to figure out how to create your own personal accountability. This is true whether you are a manager yourself, or a professional individual contributor.

And this is important. The clarity of personal accountability that should come from effective managerial leadership is what drives employee engagement. And employee engagement drives performance. Check this out:

So knowing all this, what do you do if your manager is not doing their managerial leadership work? How do you create a personal accountability framework for yourself?

This is exactly the scenario I address in the 30-minute Lorman session: Personal Accountability and Why It Matters. We will explore accountability, why it matters, and how you can create a Value Added Plan for yourself.

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Personal Accountability and Why It Matters
Tuesday, January 31, 2023
1:00PM EST – 1:30PM EST

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