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ORGANIZATION DESIGN WEBINAR This online session in the 10th in the CHSI speaker series

    Wednesday December 2 , 10:00 am – 11:30 am Eastern

      Do you have the right organization design? How do you know if it is right or not?

        Because the fundamentals of organizational design are not well understood, structural inefficiencies can become imbedded in your organization. This will lead to problems such as:

        • redundant layers that create micromanagement and waste payroll
        • missing layers that create process and quality issues
        • unsuccessful promotions where newly appointed managers and directors do not succeed
        • confusion by employees as to “who is my boss”
        • ineffective delegation

        Implementing the right organization design requires an understanding of complexity of work, and how it is different at different levels of the organization. This is is a science-based approach that can help you to have a more effective and smoothly running organization.

          Organization Design is the process of aligning an organization’s vision and strategy with its structure, talent, accountabilities, authorities, rewards and processes. When any one of these elements is out of line you will not be able to achieve optimal results.

          Join us for an easy to understand tutorial that can give you insights to improve your organization immediately. Subjects covered are:

          • Overview of Organization Design
          • Complexity of Work
          • Vertical Alignment of Work
          • Human Capability
          • Why matching Complexity and Capability matters

          Each participating will receive a workbook they can use to capture these insights. There will be time for discussion, and each registrant has access to the instructor after the session to ask questions about their specific situation.

            This webinar will be of interest to Founders, Owners, CEOs, Executives, and anyone in a managerial position that is seeking advancement.

              It will be of particular interest to heads of small and medium sized businesses that are growing, or, sadly, cutting back in these difficult times.

              This session is available now at the remarkable sale price of $29. This is a huge ROI for your time and money.

              Registrants at this event will also be given the opportunity for a private, virtual session of up to 60 minutes to coach you on how to apply the principles in your own organization at a very special rate. 

                Join us Wednesday December 2, 10:00 am – 11:30 am Eastern, for this live Online Seminar on Organization design REGISTER HERE.