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In the rapidly changing world of management consulting, keeping pace with industry advancements is crucial. ISO 20700 training has emerged as a vital tool for consultants eager to amplify their influence and foster their professional development. More than just an enhancement to your skill set, this training offers a transformative journey that can reshape your approach to consultancy. In this blog, we explore the enduring benefits of ISO 20700, highlighting its significance in career progression, elevating service quality, and fostering ongoing professional development for management consultants.


Career Progression through Recognition as a Practitioner  

Completing ISO 20700 training recognizes you as a practitioner in the use of ISO 20700 checklist. This recognition goes beyond a mere accolade; it is a reflection of your dedication to excellence and commitment to international standards. Being recognized as an ISO 20700 Practitioner distinguishes you in the job market, enhancing your appeal to potential employers and clients. It signals your proficiency and dedication to your profession, paving the way for new opportunities and career growth.


Elevating Service Quality and Building Client Trust  

The essence of management consulting is a pledge to deliver top-notch service. ISO 20700 training provides consultants with an in-depth comprehension of the global baseline for the delivery of consulting services. Implementing these standards in your work will help to ensure that you consistently meet client expectations, thereby assuring the quality of your service delivery. This improved service quality naturally leads to increased client trust and satisfaction, key elements in the success of your consulting career.


Staying In Tune with Industry Best Practices  

Management consulting is a dynamic field, marked by ongoing changes and new challenges. ISO 20700 training ensures that consultants remain updated with the latest industry best practices and methodologies. This continuous learning is vital in a profession where relevance and efficacy are essential to maintaining a competitive edge. Staying informed about industry trends and standards positions you as a knowledgeable and reliable consultant, equipped to address contemporary challenges and provide effective solutions.


Developing a Comprehensive Skill Set in Consulting  

ISO 20700 training offers a thorough educational experience, covering a broad spectrum of management consulting aspects, from project management and client communication to ethical practices and effective problem-solving. This extensive training helps you develop a well-rounded skill set, preparing you to navigate various consulting scenarios. Such versatility is invaluable in a field that demands flexibility and a comprehensive skill set.


Promoting Ethical and Transparent Practices  

Ethical behavior and transparency are increasingly crucial in successful consulting. ISO 20700 training emphasizes these aspects, guiding consultants to uphold high ethical standards and transparent practices. Adopting these practices not only bolsters your professional reputation but also lays a foundation of trust with your clients, pivotal for sustained success in the industry.


Fostering Ongoing Professional Growth  

ISO 20700 training is a gateway to continuous professional development, not a one-time educational event. The principles and practices learned during this training foster a mindset geared towards constant learning and improvement. This dedication to ongoing development is vital in a profession that thrives on knowledge, innovation, and adaptability.


The ICMCI ISO 20700 Checklist and Training  

The International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) has developed a comprehensive Self-Declaration Checklist to effectively apply the ISO 20700 standard in management consultancy services. This checklist is a practical tool, ensuring that consultants and clients maintain transparency and align on project deliverables throughout the consultancy process. Complementing the checklist, ICMCI offers specialized training programs by accredited trainers, designed to provide hands-on experience and thorough understanding of the ISO 20700 guidelines, enabling consultants to deliver impactful consulting projects that fully adhere to the standard.

To learn more about ICMCI’s ISO 20700 Checklist Training, click here.



ISO 20700 training is a vital investment for any management consultant focused on making a significant impact and pursuing professional growth. The long-term benefits of this training are extensive, encompassing career advancement, enhanced service quality, staying current with industry best practices, skill development, ethical consulting, and a commitment to continuous professional development. ISO 20700 training is more than learning a set of standards; it’s about embracing a philosophy of excellence and continuous improvement that can profoundly influence your consulting career.