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Altantuya Altankhuu (l) and Altangerel Tsedevsuren (r) meeting with Dwight Mihalicz in Astana, Kazakhstan at the CMC-Global Conference in 2017.

Business Excellence and Sodura Consulting to provide Effective ManagersTM Manager Assessment and Effective Point of Accountability® services in Mongolia

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Dwight Mihalicz, President of Effective ManagersTM announced the signing of agreements with Business Excellence and Sodura Consulting, both based in Mongolia.

“This is a very exciting time, as the Effective ManagersTM methodology will now be available to organizations in Mongolia through two excellent management consulting firms ”, said Dwight Mihalicz. “Tuya and Aagii have both been heavily involved in the establishment of the Mongolia Institute of Management Consultants. Largely because of their efforts, the Institute was recently named as a provisional member of CMC-Global. Tuya and I became acquainted through our volunteer work at the CMC-Global Institute. The three of us had an opportunity to meet in Astana last fall, and September, and we knew we would love to collaborate professionally as well. ”

Tuya Altankhuu, CMC, Founder of Business Excellence LLP

 Altantuya Altankhuu, Founder of Business Excellence, commented on the agreement and its potential in Mongolia: “We are in search of best ways of helping our clients successfully implement strategy. Business Excellence is extremely delighted to partner with Effective ManagersTM as we find that the Effective Point of Accountability® is the missing bolt of the strategic management system’s implementation. It can really tie an organization’s Mission-Vision-Values with an employee’s day to day work. This will result in continuous performance improvement because effective managers throughout the organization will see the company goal through one eye.”

The Effective ManagersTM methodology includes a proprietary assessment tool and the “rules of the road” for delegating work and collaborating in organizations, The Effective Point of Accountability® framework. The assessment benchmark shows that managers are, in fact, working at only 55% effectiveness. The results can provide insights to CEOs and Heads of HR on how to align their managerial work force so that strategy execution can be enhanced. Results can also offer insight prior to a major change initiative in the organization that can help shape a new organizational design, like a merger or acquisition.

Aagii Tsedevsuren, Owner of Sodura Consulting LLC

Altangerel Tsedevsuren, the Owner of Sodura Consulting is also excited about the collaboration opportunities: “We are excited and eager to be able to use the Effective ManagersTM methodology with Mongolian companies. This will sharpen our skills in management consultancy and immediately add to the value we can deliver to clients.

Communication and collaboration have been two of the most challenging issues for most of the companies we work with. It frustrates both client and consultants efforts to build management systems. Through the clear accountability approach of the Effective Point of Accountability®, we firmly believe that management consultancy can have huge impact on strategy development and execution in Mongolia.”

“The timing is great”, added Dwight, “as we have just revamped the assessment program to help potential clients see the direct correlation between manager effectiveness and employee engagement. It is well understood that organizations with higher engagement of employees are much higher performing on many dimensions. But it is not well understood that the root cause of disengagement is poor managerial leadership. Organizations now have a tool to measure manager effectiveness.

“The next step is actually improving engagement, which means improving manager effectiveness. Interestingly, the same things you need to do to improve engagement will also improve strategy execution. This is what the Effective Point of Accountability® is all about… how we work together for success in this organization.”

More information on the research underpinning the Effective ManagersTM approach can be found here. Learn about the services now available through Business Excellence and Sodura Consulting here.

For more information contact:

Dwight W. Mihalicz, MBA CMC | President, Effective ManagersTM

Email: dwight@effectivemanagers.com | Direct: +1 647 283 1096

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