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Getting the Right People into the Right Roles

How to ensure that managers have the required capabilities for success

Your client organization understands accountability and authority. They have a model that has been implemented and well understood. As an organization they understand managerial leadership, and the importance of managers doing their managerial leadership work.

Is this enough? Maybe not. This session is about capable individuals. How can organizations ensure that when managerial appointments are made, that these individuals are fully equipped for success.

In this session we will explore two factors that are related to high performance in organizations:

  • the correct organization design and
  • an effective talent pool system.

Having the right organization design requires an understanding of complexity of work, and how it is different at different levels of the organization. The recruitment and job assignment processes must then appropriately match managers to positions taking into account this complexity of work by appropriately aligning the candidates’ capabilities to do the work.

An effective Talent Pool system helps to ensure that managers have the right knowledge and skills, will value the work of management and do managerial work, and most importantly, have capability that is higher than their subordinates and appropriate to the complexity of work their role requires.

Learning Objective

  • Participants will be able to identify organizational performance issues that result from errors in assigning people to roles
  • Participants will be able to coach CEOs and executives on the importance of understanding complexity of work and human capability as key factors in recruitment.

If you have a question email Dwight who would be happy to answer any questions you have about the course.

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Learn about the three fundamental capabilities of an effective managers.