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Effective Managers™ Master Class Series: 4 Class Bundle

Helping Organizations Succeed After the Report is Delivered

Everyone at some time in their career – will encounter an organizational issue that threatens the success of their efforts – and perhaps inadvertently, their reputation. In other words, your client may blame you for their own inability to implement your recommendations.

For example, most organization have a strategic plan. But 70% fail to achieve their strategic goals, effective organizationand only 5% of organization achieve their strategic objectives. This same failure rates apply for major organizational change initiatives. These failures indicate that there is a fundamental, underlying issue at the root of the organization’s inability to implement change.

So what sets top performing organizations aside from the others? If managers all want to do well, why aren’t all organizations performing at their best? In this webinar participants will be introduced to the nine elements of the Effective Managers™ organization performance model.Effective Managers™ helps create and sustain high performance organizations anywhere in the world. It’s a methodology that focuses specifically on helping organizations improve managerial performance.

A person’s manager is that person’s most important link to the organization. The manager controls their resources, provides them with feedback, and helps smooth the way to success. But managers are spending only about half their time on value-added work. This means their critically important managerial leadership work is not getting done. If managers are not doing their managerial work, organizations cannot be top performing.

There are 4 Classes in the Series. You can purchase the bundle of all four, or select individual classes that may be of interest (listed below).
– Master Class#1: Effective Organizational Management
– Master Class #2: Organizational Accountability & Authority
– Master Class #3: Effective Managerial Leadership
– Master Class #4: Getting the Right People into the Right Roles


If you have a question email Dwight who would be happy to answer any questions you have about the course.

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