Dwight Mihalicz the founder and president of Effective ManagersTM has a huge depth of experience helping organizations perform at their best so they can be the most effective organization possible.

My focus is on supporting owners and CEOs of organizations and companies, no matter their size. If you want to improve the performance of your team and your organization but have encountered some significant roadblocks, I can help you with The Effective Organization Program.

The obstacles you are facing can be anything:

    • The implementation of the organization’s strategy is stalling
    • You are getting the sense that your decisions are not getting enough traction
    • Direct reports don’t seem to be working at the right level
    • You are being pulled down into the weeds

Whatever the case is with you, I can help you find the solution that can help you improve effectiveness.

What Does Dwight Do?

I focus on providing objective advice and giving insights on how to develop problem-solving skills. The focus is on objective advice, but mentoring and coaching can also be done on a more personal level.

You will get access to the Effective ManagersTM unique methodology for developing effective management and the entire suite of materials that have been gathered and created over the years.

I will work with you to set the objectives for the engagement, and then create a custom service tailored to your needs. Only in this way can we, together, achieve the goals you’ve set. I can help you if:

    • You have specific issues that needs to be resolved
    • You require ongoing support in dealing with a whole range of issues in your organization

I can help you in either instance as long as I understand your specific situation and what you want to achieve. That’s precisely what our company has done for all of our previous clients.

A Unique and Successful Approach

In my numerous collaborative problem-solving engagements with clients, I do not focus on the softer side of management. That’s because in my experience senior executives don’t usually have problems with things like leadership and communication. These are not the real problem.

The real problems are the deep-rooted issues in the organization that has caused disruption. I can help you identify and tackle precisely these issues, and help you to resolve them as quickly as possible. By doing this, your organization can then change in a way that ensures these or other similar issues do not arise again.

Dwight can provide the unique services of Effective ManagersTM:

    • If you are preparing for a major change initiative
    • If you need access to someone who is objective, and has loads of experience with organizations and helping people learn to work together for the improvement of their organizations.

Now released, I have created a program, The Effective Organization ProgramTM that can help you and your immediate team identify root cause problems, and implement solutions using research-based, client-proven tools. The program is non-intrusive and focuses in on the issues that you need to tackle.

Whatever your case, you should feel free to take a look at the resources we have for you or the a la carte services I have developed to support you in your success..