Here is a cold hard fact. There is only one individual in an organization that can be held accountable for the engagement of an employee. If you said the employee: you are wrong. It is the manager of the employee! The manager controls everything that is important about the work experience.We have research that proves this, and Gallup has recently published a treasure-trove of data that proves that employee engagement depends on the employee’s manager.

I recently cam across an Infographic published by Zerocater that does an amazing job of showing why employee engagement matters. This means managerial leadership matters. Here is a short introduction they wrote specifically for you.

Have you ever thought about what you feel or think or do at work, and how that influences your overall approach to your days? Meaning, does work leave you satisfied? Do you feel challenged? Can you get behind what your company stands for and invest your brains and your talent to help it move the need and achieve strategic goals.

That whole series of questions has changed dramatically as more and more of the next generation — millennials — enter the workforce. For them, the entirety of the employee experience matters, and companies are getting on board to this. By doing so, they’re retaining talent and creating a more productive workplace. But many more companies have yet to figure out that employee engagement actually does matter. They don’t realize if their employees are not engaged, they’re looking elsewhere. How can companies adopt a different culture and learn the importance of engagement? This graphic explains it.

What Is Employee Experience?

Check out the original article here, with tips on what you as a manager can do to improve engagement.

At Effective Managers™ we have been researching the impact of managers on organization performance. The link is clearly there. More effective managers have more engaged employees, and that leads to improved performance. Check out our cases study here, which includes a short video, and a link to a published journal article which shows the research.

If you are an owner or CEO you may wonder what the root cause issues are of managers not doing their managerial leadership work. There are lots of insights throughout this web site. In addition, we have developed a non-intrusive, quick-turnaround program to do an assessment of your organization. Check out the details on the link below.