Organizations of all sizes frequently struggle with effectiveness. In turn, that prevents them from achieving their growth goals and having satisfactory results on their most important metrics.However, small and medium-sized businesses experience these problems more often than larger companies do. Some of them are part of the inevitable growing pains or a consequence of scaling that is often necessary to have a smoothly-running organization.

In times of disruption these issues becomes even more important. Resolving them become an operational necessity.

These issues are difficult to resolve because they result from sub-optimal organization management practices. How can you ensure that your organization achieves its top level of performance in the shortest amount of time possible? Here are 4 ways for small and medium-sized businesses to become more effective:

1. Evaluate Organizational Performance

To start, you need to review the big picture, which means taking a look at the general metrics of your organizational performance. CEOs and business owners need to realize that the link between the business strategy they laid out and the outputs they’re getting is in their managerial system. The owner, executive and manager performance in terms of managerial leadership are factors that will strongly influence your entire organizational performance. These can be thought of an input indicators – the ability of your organization to focus on the right work.

2. Establish Accountability and Authority

To run an effective organization, you need to make every employee’s accountability and authority clear. In practice, that means they must know what they need to do, how to do it, to whom they’re reporting and when, and what they’re authorized to handle without supervision.

Learning the language of accountability and authority, or how we manage here and how we collaborate here will help top ensure that every employee knows what they need to focus on, which will enable the smooth functioning of the organization.

3. Improve Managerial Leadership

Effective Managers™ research shows that managers only spend 54% of their time on value-added work. In today’s organizations, where survival and competitive edge are a must, this is not good enough. Improving managerial leadership is a step to making your managers more effective, which will be felt across your entire organization.

4. Ensure Managerial Capability

Businesses often have trouble appointing the right people into higher-level roles, including management. These appointments sometimes fail because the appointee doesn’t have the skills to work at that level. They were promoted for their excellent performance at their previous job, which usually doesn’t have a lot to do with management at all. Managers must be capable of performing at their job, which requires a specific skill set and training.

Key Takeaways

Here at Effective Managers™, we have programs that can help you deal with any or all of these issues in real time. After laying out the concept, we get right to work applying these principles in your organization. We provide coaching through different scenarios, as well as essential tips and tricks. Using this knowledge, everyone in the organization will know what they can do to improve their performance within their organization starting the next day.

If you are the owner of a business or CEO of an organization looking to become more effective, we can help.