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Dwight Mihalicz has over 40 years’ experience helping local, national, and international organizations achieve greater productivity, efficiency, and performance.

The Mistake You Can’t Afford to Make When Leading Change

Dwight Mihalicz,

It’s inevitable. When your organization is undergoing change, you will meet resistance. There will be those employees who want nothing to do with the change and are comfortable with the status quo. Statistics show that 15-20% of employees will be the naysayers who are resistant to the change. On the other hand, 15-20% of your employee population will typically be happy about the upcoming changes. They are the “keeners,” the ones who are gung-ho, roll up their sleeves, and will happily help you meet the new mandates. The remaining 60-70% are neutral. They are in the middle, and want to wait and see what happens. These statistics represent a typical bell curve.

3 Keys to Success for Leading Organizational Change

Dwight Mihalicz,

Few things are as uncomfortable for employees as organizational change. Think about it. Your employees are happy. They know their jobs, and are comfortable doing things a certain way. They’ve been successful, perhaps for many years. And then suddenly, something changes. Change is difficult.

I once attended a change management workshop, where we were asked to make a small change to our morning routine. It was a good example of the uneasiness that surrounds even the smallest changes. Try this. Take off your shoes and put them on again. Which foot did you start with? Odds are you start with that foot every time. Try taking them off and putting them on again, starting with the other foot. Feel odd? You bet it does.

3 Priorities for Effective Managers

Dwight Mihalicz,

Managers are the glue that holds an organization together. When we think of great business leaders, we think of people like Steve Jobs, Jack Welch, or Richard Branson. Wharton University management professor Ethan Mollack found, though, that it is the managers, not the visionaries, who push organizations’ profitability. Mollack says that managers “are not interchangeable parts in an organization” but rather key players. They are charged with doing more with less, managing tight resources, and trying to drive innovation and creativity towards a practical deliverable. It’s a tough job – and it’s one that never ends!

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