As a consultant I am concerned that 70% of major initiatives fail to achieve results.  McKinsey recently published research showing this is true for all major organizational projects. Dr. Kotter, renowned change management guru, did a meta analysis of research projects on strategy execution, and found the same thing: 70% of strategies fail to achieve their strategic goals.

This is a problem for owners and heads of organizations. In to-days rapidly moving competitive landscape, change is essential. Yet successful change is very, very difficult.

To help address this, I have partnered with Ijona Skills to create a series of webinars that help explain the root cause of issues like these. Our first program is Why Productivity Initiatives Fail

Productivity starts at the front line. An organization’s processes need to work seamlessly. But implementing the new systems to improve processes seldom goes smoothly. In fact, most major projects fail to deliver – 70% or more according to multiple research studies. 
What happens when productivity initiatives go off track? Most organizations go for the seemingly apparent solutions –  leadership training, improved communication, team building. But these initiatives do not have a long term impact because they are only treating the symptoms of fundamental problems in organizations.
Participants will learn how the role of the CEO and executives are crucial in ensuring the successful implementation of systems. High performing organizations have such systems in place to ensure that everyone in the organization is aligned and focused on their key deliverables.

Why should you attend?

Learn why most productivity initiatives fail to deliver results, and what you can do to change that. This is not a magic wand solution – rather, it will give you a road map for the elements you must have in place for successful project implementation in your organization.

Areas Covered in the Session:

  • Project execution success rate
  • The CEO role for successful projects
  • Successful vs Effective Managers
  • Accountability
  • Capability
  • How to improve success rates

Who can Benefit:

  • CEOs
  • Owners of SMEs
  • Executives of larger organizations.

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