You are accountable for your organization – whatever your title.

You have an extra-special challenge. You need to manage your executive team and you must lead your organization. Two full time jobs!

There is no question you have had to be amazingly creative over the last few months.

Never waste a good crisis – Winston Churchill

Covid19 has forced on us to figure out how to do thing differently – with little or no resources.

This reinforces for us that there is no margin for error in to-day’s world.

Organizations need to be effective and efficient to ensure there is no waste. You need to be laser-focused. And all your employees need to be likewise focused on their value-added work.

We at Effective Managers™ understand this. We have been working hard for years to help our clients identify root cause issues.

Initiatives in organizations tend to fail because they focus on the symptoms of poor performance: communication, team building, leadership, and so on.

What are the root cause issues that hinder your success? They can be summarized in one sentence.

Managers are not doing their managerial leadership work!

Managerial leadership work ensures everyone is aligned.

Why are your team leaders not managing? There are four reasons:

    • They don’t realize they should be doing it because their accountabilities are not clear.
    • They don’t know how to do it because they have never been trained how to manage
    • They can’t do it because they have been over-promoted
    • They don’t want to do it because they don’t value the tasks of managing.

Now you can get a snapshot of exactly what is happening in your organization. The Resilient Organization Program™ has been designed specifically to help you understand what you need to do to improve effectiveness.

Here is an article with more information.

Or watch the free one-hour recoded webinar that explore these issues.

NOW is the time to explore these issues.

You must make changes anyway.

Let us help you change to be as resilient as possible.