It can be very difficult to ask an outside consultant to come into your business; there is the fear that they will turn your business inside out, find fault, assign blame, and leave you in a worse state than you were in before. Good consultants, though, can help you find the fault lines running through your business and show you how to shore up your foundations. Can you put your company in the hands of a small partnership? Will a larger firm be able to meet your needs better? Or will you get more from a small firm than a large one? Let’s take a look at a few pros and cons of working with a small partnership.

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I’m partial to the small partnerships. But there are some excellent reasons why I might be so:

  • You are buying the experience of the person to whom you’re speaking. Many times, when you’re working with a large firm, you meet with the partner, like what you hear, consider his/her experience a great asset, and sign the contract. Who shows up to work but an inexperienced employee or junior consultant?

It is not that these people are not intelligent and capable – but they weren’t at the initial meetings. They are not the face of the company you’ve decided to hire; you did not sign the contract based on their words, experiences, or ideas. With a small firm, if you meet with the senior partner, you get the senior partner.

  • The firm can be more responsive. With key decision-makers onsite, you can move much more nimbly and flexibly. A small partnership can adapt to changes based on what your organization needs and does not have to adhere to a more rigid structure or methodology.
  • Solutions are customized for your business. This is what you need? We can do that. Small firms can provide tailored solutions based on your needs, your challenges, and your strengths.

The drawbacks? There are none! Hire a small firm today! Seriously, beware the consultant who says there’s no other choice and no drawbacks to a particular solution! The truth is that there can be downsides to working with a small partnership. For instance, availability can be an issue. Because the senior partner(s) and/or owner are working on a project, they may not be available immediately to tackle your project. It can either mean you wait, or you go with another firm.

Just like any decision, you have to weigh the pros and cons of working with a small partnership. Often, the specialized knowledge, excellent service and customized solutions will weigh much more than any concerns about size.