Our organizational systems are failing us! Somehow, we have allowed our systems to lose the necessary focus on the end point: improving organizational performance. Something is systematically getting in the way of people being as effective as they can in the workplace. And it matters. It matters from a personal standpoint in terms of job satisfaction and engagement, but it also matters from an organizational standpoint in terms of creating those high performing, winning organizations we need for the future.

The fact is, the modern organization needs to do a better job at supporting their managers and helping them be more effective in their work. Why is this important? Effective managers drive organizational performance, and that translates into greater and better results.

The Research is Silent on Quantifying Managerial Effectiveness

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A clear gap exists when it comes to quantifying any real data on managerial effectiveness. There is no question that managerial effectiveness is critical to organization performance, and yet there is no published research quantifying manager effectiveness or the main factors that drive or constrain effectiveness. Effective ManagersTM has partnered with the University of Ottawa to remedy this. The test data is in, and the preliminary results are astounding!)

Managers Influence Productivity and Profitability

Statistically, it’s clear that managers have a direct impact on satisfaction or dissatisfaction on the job. In fact, studies confirm that nearly 70 percent of employees leave a job for reasons related back to factors that are directly controllable by their managers. In addition, the Gallup organization has published material that shows work groups that are not managed effectively are 50 percent less productive and 44 percent less profitable. This is clear evidence to support the conclusion that managers play a critical role in productivity and profitability. Ineffective managers negatively impact the bottom line, while effective managers keep employees fulfilled, happy and at work.

Managers Are Key Links in Driving Employee Engagement

Managers are one of the most important links in the organization in terms of keeping people involved and effective in their work. It’s this engagement that will help organizations keep top performers around. In fact, the innovation and creativity that increased levels of employee engagement creates is a key determinant of organizational success and one of the underlying reasons why people remain loyal despite changes in compensation, strategy, even workload.

The main point here is that it’s critical we understand – in a research-based way – what is driving this lack of effectiveness of managers in organizations. As businesses move into the future, facing new global realities, new challenges and new expectations, those who work to fully understand and support strong competent managers will quickly outpace those who fail to see the importance.