Consider the following situation. You have a strategy in place. It came to be from a long and inclusive process that involved exhaustive consultation with both your stakeholders and employees.

The process has been successful:

  • All the Key Performance Indicators have been set and assigned
  • The Scorecard came into place, and the regular reporting has commenced and is now ongoing
  • Every critical project has been adequately scoped, resourced, and assigned to a specific team

Essentially, everything is in place, ready to go, and poised for success.

However, things are still going off the rails, and you are not getting the traction you thought you would! That’s when you start thinking that it’s high time for a culture of accountability.

This is the usual solution, but there’s always the same problem – the culture change rarely sticks!

Changing the Culture with the Effective Managers Workshop

In order to change your culture correctly, it needs to include a strong sense of accountability and authority. This requires a model with proven success, such as The Effective Point of Accountability®.

We created this model to help you implement a common understanding in your organization of:

  • How we manage here
  • How we collaborate here
  • How we manage change here

In this proprietary workshop, we can show you how to use a successful accountability and authority model to improve team performance. We can then show you some of the best management change practices that were used by others with great success. 

What’s more, with the use of the Manager’s Guide to Organizational Change, you can get help in understanding how to implement change effectively.

The Accountable Organization

According to research, more than 60% of all major change programs fail to deliver the promised results. Whether you’re a manager, an executive, or the owner or CEO, you can certainly agree that such a large percentage is a significant issue.

That’s why our solution focuses on one essential element that seems to be lacking in most programs – the role you have in its implementation.

Additionally, our model helps participants understand the root causes of these endemic reasons for failures. Thus, together, we can find the best solution for you. We do this by using the concepts of The Effective Point of Accountability® to show you how work can be delegated to your teams effectively. Only then can you commence with the central part of the accountability and authority model and teach cross-functional work in your team or across the entire organization.

Accountable Change

Our useful model introduces participants to the concept of successful change management that leads to accountable change within your organization.

However, we are well aware that creating a culture of effectiveness takes a lot of effort and perseverance. That’s why our participants receive the knowledge they need to carry out this major transformational change.

The bottom line is that the language of accountability can be used to ensure the successful implementation of projects, no matter their size. The workshop includes a copy of the Manager’s Handbook for Organizational Change that will serve as a guide to participants so they can implement successful change. Learn more about the workshop on this page, and download a one pager overview here.