This free recorded Webinar on Resilience has been developed specifically for Owners, Founder and CEOs.

You are facing unprecedented challenges in maintaining your organization during COVID-19. You need to protect your employees, manage cash flow, and figure out how to maintain operations in very different ways so you can survive until the new normal. But what is the new normal? And when will it arrive? These are also unknowns.

It is important to act now, partly as a survival strategy, but even more importantly, to be ready for to bounce back when the recovery begins.Your organization must be as resilient as possible.

Explore with me the root cause issues of those things that are hindering resilience. You will come away with ideas for improvement that you can implement immediately.

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Even successful organizations have irritants that get in the way of performing at their best. In times of turmoil, these irritants are magnified. The irritants suddenly become hurdles and roadblocks.

What is one of the main irritants? You are not able to focus on their value-added work because others throughout the organization are not focused on the right work. How do you raise the level of work so you can be confident everyone in the organization is focused on the right work? This will enable you to focus on your value-added work.

In this webinar you will be introduced to the fundamental concepts that every organization needs to have in place. These principles apply to all sizes of organizations in all sectors and have been successfully implemented around the world. Use these principles now so you will be ready for the recovery when it comes.

Key topics include:

  • Why organization design matters. You will learn why organization design is science based, and how you can use these principles to ensure the proper fit of people to roles. It can also help you avoid making bad promotions.
  • How accountability and authority can be used to get people focused on the right work. Learn the two dimensions of accountability that explain so much. You will be introduced to the research-based Effective Point of Accountability™ which can be used as a model for delegating work in a consistent way from the owner to the front line.
  • How accountability and authority can be used to break down silos. Learn what you can do, as the Owner, to effectively break down silos. You will be introduced to the three types of cross functional work in organizations, and how you can use them to improve work flow and reduce role conflict.
  • Q&A Session
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