ISO 20700

Here is what consultants are saying about the ISO 20700 course

The course instructor, Dwight Mihalicz is an accredited ISO 20700 Checklist trainer.

This course is delivered through the CMC Global Institute Learning Management system. You can take the course at your pace, and learn how to use the ISO 20700 Checklist in bite-sized pieces. The course includes document downloads, video clips, case observations, and a case study exercise.

“This is a great opportunity for CMC’s that are looking to leverage their global presence.

ISO is the ‘gold standard’, and being able to show we are adhering to and/or exceeding upon that standard for our clients is powerful.

I liked hearing the different opinions of other consultants, along with learning about the flexibility in adapting between the small & medium/large/complex project templates as information is uncovered when meeting with the client.”

Wes Paterson

President at Paterson Consulting Inc. , Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada

“A nice overview of ISO 20700, and provides some useful information on one way to use it within a practice. The checklists are good, standard tools.

Good discussions around the different interpretations of the checklist in different situations…”

Jeff Griffiths

Competency Geek at WorkForce Strategies International Inc, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

It is a great online training session which delivered the knowledge and approaches efficiently.

It is considered a milestone for the consultancy profession for improving the transparency and understanding between clients and management consultancy service providers and  in advancing the link between CMC’s and the ISO standard.

Anis Jabsheh

Adviser at the Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy (Qatar World Cup 2022), Qatar

In my view, following a clear consulting process greatly increases the likelihood of a successful project. The ISO 20700 checklist guides conversations with the client to ensure thorough understanding of the project and the roles of client and consultant.

The online course provides clear and understandable information on the standard and how it should be applied. The case studies are very helpful, and it was useful to listen to the discussion of others in the recording to understand how others might interpret the classification of different types of assignments.

I’ve read through the ISO 20700 documentation, but the course really helped me understand how to apply the guidelines and checklist.

Gregory Richards

Director, Executive MBA Program, Telfer School of Management, University of Ottawa, Canada

With my role overseeing the emerging market theatre, my schedule is usually scattered throughout the day.  Hence leaving one hour time slots becomes a challenge to secure.  Therefore, the ISO 20700 course in its current structure, made available the opportunity to plan my day and week with great flexibility and allowing me to work at my own pace.  The content was very comprehensive and covered all key aspects of the ISO20700 well.

Moreover, listening to the pre-recorded discussions by previous  registrants  along with the checkpoint quizzes of the course material were helpful to ensure proper comprehension.”

Hani Obeid

General Manager of Emerging Markets at NXN, United Arab Emirates

“This is one of the best pre-recorded online training sessions that I have attended. The instructor can deliver the knowledge easily and efficiently. The course added to my experience and gave me tools that I will use during my daily work from now on.”

Ali Abdelmoaty

Planning and Development Specialist at Dubai Municipality, United Arab Emirates

“As a challenger management consulting boutique, we are adopting the ISO 20700:2017 Guidelines for Management Consultancy Services as part of a wider framework to ensure consistency in quality and transparency to our clients. The training program provided by the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes (ICMCI) and delivered by Effective Managers has served as a catalyzer for adopting and operationalizing the ISO 20700:2017 framework.”

Johnny Kollin

Founder of Várri Consultancy, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“I liked the fact that I was practically a fly on the wall from a live, interactive, session and so could learn from others even though I was working through the materials alone. It was all useful and I plan to now use these materials in my work for myself and in working with my consulting colleagues.”

Sheila Carruthers

Consultant, CSR Strategies Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

“The most valuable thing was the Case study demonstration by consultants, this is helpful to improve critical thinking to see things from different perspectives”

Haidar Ali

Organizational Development Officer (OD), Almajdouie Holding, Saudi Arabia

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consult-dwightDwight Mihalicz has over 40 years of organization experience in a broad variety of organizations and situations. Over this period he has been required to focus on and solve a broad variety of complex problems in local, national, international and global settings. Throughout his career, he has developed extensive expertise in supporting improvement processes with large organizations.

Since 1999, as a management consultant he has consulted across all sectors and all sizes of organizations. This has given him experience in a broad variety of situations with a focus on organization alignment, and supporting the implementation of large change projects. In 2013 Effective Managers™ partnered with the Telfer School of Management at the University of Ottawa to conduct ground-breaking work on understanding the dynamics of manager effectiveness in the workplace.

He has formed a company, Effective Managers™, specializing in the improvement of productivity and effectiveness of managers. His focus is on working with CEOs and Heads of HR to help them improve organizational performance by helping managers to be more effective. He recently published a book, The Effective CEO: The Balancing Act that Drives Sustainable Performance, available on Amazon or the Effective Managers™ website.