Master Class 1: Recipe for High Performing Organizations

Dwight Mihalicz,

Mastery Level: Organizational Effectiveness 

New series from Dwight Mihalicz – designed for management 

Everyone at some time in their career – will encounter an organizational issue that threatens the success of their efforts – and perhaps inadvertently, their reputation. In other words, your client may blame you for their own inability to implement your recommendations.

For example, most organization have a strategic plan. But 70% fail to achieve their strategic goals, and only 5% of organization achieve their strategic objectives. This same failure rates apply for major organizational change initiatives. These failures indicate that there is a fundamental, underlying issue at the root of the organization’s inability to implement change.

So what sets top performing organizations aside from the others? If managers all want to do well, why aren’t all organizations performing at their best? In this webinar participants will be introduced to the nine elements of the Effective Managers™ organization performance model.

·    Experienced consultants who want to learn new ways of using existing skills sets to provide more value to clients
·    All consultants who want to reinforce their trusted-advisor status with clients by showing how existing skills can be applied to diagnose root-cause issues in more effective ways
·    Early career consultants who want an overview of the key elements of organizational performance or want to strengthen their previous experience in management in their consulting career

·    Each session is independent of the others
·    Taken together, the 3 sessions provide insight into effective ways to improve performance 

·    Seminar style – allows interaction with your peers and the instructor
·    On-line discussion forum – share their insights and ask questions of the instructor. 

RECORDING – Participate in the master-class level seminar at your convenience

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Message from Dwight:

Fellow Consultants – this is an opportunity to learn from a master class series of organization performance seminar-style webinars. Click above for registration and immediate access.

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