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How to Communicate Effectively with Your Clients

Emma Worden,

Successful communication is key to any healthy relationship, and your business clients are no exception. Establishing boundaries and clarifying expectations as soon as you start your business journey can help you avoid conflict and misunderstandings, and ultimately boost your retention rate simply thanks to your transparent approach.

However, even the best in the business can come across a more demanding client, an unexpected complaint, or merely a misunderstanding. In any case, you need to be able to resolve the issue quickly and efficiently without wasting your assets – and this is where your communication skills come to shine. Let’s see how you can set the stage for clear communication without your key messages getting lost in translation.

Tips for Managing Employees Who Work from Home

Emma Worden,

Managing employees is never easy. As more and more workers move away from the traditional office space in favor of remote work, team management is becoming even harder. But with many companies taking on remote staff, it’s essential to learn a different management style aligned with this type of employee. And to do it successfully, here are some tips for managing employees who work from home.

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